Remember that time when I wrote a blog post semi-regularly…?

Me neither.

It has been 15 months since I posted on The Tiny Big Blog.

I did a few calculations and worked out that there has been radio silence for:

458 days

Which is the same as:

1 year, 3 months, and 1 day

326 weekdays and 132 weekend days

65 weeks and 3 days

10,992 hours

659,520 minutes

39,571,200 seconds…

OK so obviously I Googled all of that.

Thank you to all that believed I made those calculations.

Rude to those of you who doubted my mathematical ability.

Moving on…

The point is I think I am ready to post again.


Wow that sounds beyond melodramatic.

It is however the truth.

I have had an awful lot of thoughts since last posting, the most common being “I wonder what’s for tea?”

But in all seriousness, the blog and the reason why I started it has been on my mind everyday.

I have followed someone or some brand on Instagram that is ‘environmentally-friendly’, ‘organic’ or all for social change almost everyday.

I have clicked links friends have posted, ACTUALLY read them and in some cases shared them too.

I have researched products and ideas, chatted about packaging in the staff room and thought long and hard about how we as individuals can go from wanting to do the best for the planet to actually doing it.

All good but no actual and real action as such.

Therefore, it is with great trepidation, unease and apprehension (thanks again Google) that I announce that The Tiny Big Blog will return.


I’ve said it.

I’ll have to do it now.


Super pretty flowery photo: Raw Vegan Blonde, she does the greatest plant-based artwork.

Melodramatic dude:

Home Alone: (Weirdly the blog post that this picture is from is from the last day I posted. FREEEAAKKYYYY!!!!)


2 thoughts on “Remember that time when I wrote a blog post semi-regularly…?

  1. This is good 😊 It doesn’t always have tone massive and so a big deal/job. A thought for the day would surface occasionally. Well done you xxx

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