Tiny Action #3 Earth Hour

Earth Hour. An hour all about the Earth. And an action that requires as much or as little effort on your part as you wish.

This year’s Earth Hour is on Saturday 19th March at 8:30pm local time.

Here are the need-to-know facts in bitesize form:

  1. It began in 2007 in Sydney as a lights-off event.
  2. Now it has reached 7000 cities and towns all over the world.
  3. WWF are the good guys behind it all.
  4. Their aim for this one hour is to get anyone who can to turn off any non-essential lights “as a symbol for their commitment to the planet”, be they individuals, companies, families, landmarks, towns.
  5. In 2015, Earth Hour was represented by 172 countries and territories and about 10,400 participating landmarks and there were about 7 million digital interactions.

There are sooooooo many ways to get involved…

– Get yourself a cheeky Earth Hour profile picture here. Here’s mine:

Earth Hour profile pic

If I’m honest I would have been more creative if I had had the time and made my picture a real close up with the light shining all over my pretty little face. Or dressed as Beyoncé in her iconic single ladies video and got myself, a stage and backing dancers all lit up.

There’s always next year.

N.B They ask if you would be willing for them to post a few post on their behalf. I’m not normally into that kind of stuff but I checked the links out and they are top notch and super informative, if I’ve taken the plunge, why don’t you give it a go?

– Attend an event, find one near to you here.

– Watch the promo video here to get you super enthused and maybe you’ll even click share at the end…

The Earth Hour website has a few suggestions as to how you might want to spend this special hour. Here are 11 of my favourites…

  1. Play board games (who doesn’t love a game of Articulate?!)


2. Stargaze – beautiful and there’s an app that shows you what constellations you’re looking at even if it’s cloudy – SkyView Free.

starry night

3. Have a candle lit dinner – wining and dining all in the name of climate change! Please do be careful with candles though! WWF suggest using 100% beeswax candles or soy candles, which are gentler on our planet – smoke free, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

dinner date

(Dear Future Husband: this a is a very big and unsubtle hint.)

4. Talk to your neighbours – we do this less and less but Earth Hour is all about getting the wider community involved.

How you doin joey neighbours

5. Have a sensory party – find out who has the best senses by seeing what you can taste, touch, feel and hear in the dark – the two main characters in my all-time favourite rom-com About Time meet for the first time at a restaurant in the dark and essentially fall in love there and then so you can thank me and WWF if you find your soulmate during Earth Hour. You’re welcome.

About Time

I mean seriously, look at them, they’re almost too cute!

6. Get the photo albums out. I will never tire of finding photos of the fam back in the day. Looking flawless in matching sibling outfits, my sister with her head on the washing machine, my naturally bleach blonde hair, where did it all go wrong?!

7. Make an Earth Hour resolution and pledge one thing to live more sustainably – lots of ideas here.


8. Have a concert like Hungary is doing. Big up Hungarians! Or go to a local gig.

9. Screen an environmental documentary post the hour. David Attenborough’s voice, so soothing. And so wise.david attenborough

10. Get all crafty with lots of ideas on WWF’s Earth Hour pinterest board. So much glitter and sparkles!

wwf pinterest

11. And finally, something I will definitely be doing is taking the footprint calculator challenge to see how many planets I need to sustain my current lifestyle..eek!

The full list of 60 ideas is here.

I wish I had been a bit more on it and worked out an event to hold with the crew but I will be either on the M1 or watching the rugby desperately trying to look like I know what’s going on. Either way, turning off certain lights and electrical devices in either situation would be a little dangerous.

So, I will be holding my Earth Hour during Easter when I will be insisting on a games night by candle light or LED lights (yet to be decided) with the fam and any unsuspecting other halves that are around at the time.

I personally hope the games last longer than an hour.

And that I win at least one game.

OK, all the games.

(Photos: drumondpark.com, atomictoasters.com, pinterest.com, playbuzz.com, earthhour.org and quotesgram.com)

I realise I have been a little quiet on here but never fear, Meat Free Monday posts coming soon! And I might even do a cheeky little video soon, such fun!

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking and following, it really does mean a lot!


Any suggestions or advice always welcome!


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