Meat Free Monday: Butternut Squash Risotto

A belated post.

Made on Tuesday.

This week I actually used the recipes section on the Meat Free Monday website. And what’s more, I looked at what we had in the pantry and didn’t need to buy anything in.

That’s how I know I should cook. How we all should cook. Use what you have. Much better for the environment and the bank balance alike.

But we have all been there when you have the best of intentions and look through the cupboards expecting this:

harry gringotts

…only to find this:


Both images:

Sad times.

My hunt through the veg drawer gave me a butternut squash. Hurrah!

So I then used the super helpful bit of the MFM website that allows you to search for recipes by clicking on the main ingredient that you have available.

Near disaster struck when I couldn’t find ‘Butternut Squash’ in the list marked Ingredients. However a few seconds later I found what I was looking for under ‘Squash’.


Not just a pretty face me.

All the dishes were tempting; I really fancied this curry suggested by none other than Emma Thompson! But alas, I had no spinach. And it looked mighty similar to last week’s dish.

I will definitely be making these cheeky crisps at some point in the future but I didn’t think they would quite fill me up.

So I plumped for this rather tasty Butternut Squash Risotto.


Below left:

Note the distinct lack of severely burnt onions. Still burnt, but not severely.

Then I tried to get all arty farty like à la Instagram.




I’ll work on it.

The Verdict.


If you like a sharp punchy taste this wouldn’t really deliver but it was tasty, in a creamy kind of way. Pretty stodgy which I always think is key in a risotto.

Ease of making:

I don’t want to brag but I was cooking other things at the same time as making this one and it didn’t go too badly. I did however burn the onions and garlic beyond recognition. This is why I am so proud of the onion close-up photo above. They were the second attempt.


I had made some slight adaptations so that I didn’t have to leave the house on the hunt for ingredients but I like to think that the taste didn’t suffer. I didn’t actually have Himalayan pink salt but then quite frankly who does?! Nor did I have brown risotto rice, white had to do. I didn’t have fresh sage but used dried sage instead.

Hoping to have a herb garden up and running soon!

Summary: I used to be renowned for making risottos almost every day whilst at university and as such I went off them. This recipe however has me got back on the risotto love train.

Within minutes of cutting the top off the butternut squash I found this:


Tiny droplets. Looked like I’d left it out in the frost.





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