Meat Free Monday – Aloo Chana

In our household it has been decided that Meat Free Monday will actually take place on a Tuesday. There is simply more room in the kitchen and time available on Tuesdays so there’s a bit of flexibility and adaptability for any future employers reading!

I would change the title but the only Meat free Tuesday alternative I can think of is Tofu Tuesday… 

…but then this implies that one must eat tofu which is just downright misleading.

Any suggestions welcome!

While on the subject of suggestions, last week’s recipe left me with half a lemon that I was unsure what to do with and so asked for suggestions. My darling friend Mel piped up with “put the lemon with some mustard and balsamic etc for a salad dressing to keep in the fridge or shove it in some hot water for some tea”. What a genius, thank you!

I also realised the next day that it was Shrove Tuesday so I could have popped it on a pancake or three.



Taste: Deelish! Admittedly it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the burgers I made last week but for a korma girl through and through it wasn’t too spicy.

Ease of making: I misjudged it and the curry was ready way before the rice I cooked to accompany it was. A speedy dish. Also the recipe had just two steps, my kind of recipe!

Ingredients: If you have all the spices in you’re onto a winner. I had to buy garam masala but I’m sure I’ll use it up. There was a leftover lemon again but I used the zest for a cherry cake I made yesterday and will use the rest of the juice for a salad dressing as Mel suggested.

Summary: A wonderfully filling winter warmer.


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