Meat Free Monday – Chickpea & Coriander Burgers

So I did it!

Choosing a recipe wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. One of the reasons I have never gone full-blown veggie is that whenever you got out for a meal the veggie options, more often than not, are mushroom-based. I am not a fan.

I felt in the mood for a burger so headed to Google and was presented with a deelish BBC Good Food recipe. I possibly should have done one from the Meat Free Monday site but hey ho!

I took photos of my meat free dinner, as one must, but they haven’t turned out that well as I was impatient to start eating. Sorry not sorry.


Photos into circles! Is there no end to the magic in this world?!


Taste: 10/10 I will totes be making these again. The coriander makes it and the sweet chilli sauce is a lush little extra touch.

Ease of making: I took me over the 15 minute preparation time but that’s because a) I am a very slow cook and b) I thought I had broken the food blender for a good 5 minutes.

Ingredients: 8/10 There wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard of on the list and I didn’t need to buy too many extra items in. Wish I had doubled the quantities though as I have half a lemon left and it looks a bit sad and so I doubt I will get round to using it in something else. Suggestions welcome.

Summary: Winner winner meat free dinner!!!!

(I also made sweet potato chunks as I have felt super hungry all day)




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