Tiny, big – an explanation

Hello earthlings, welcome to the Tiny Big Blog…

As some of you may know I volunteered with VSO ICS in Nigeria for nearly 3 months last year.

I saw a lot.

I learnt a lot.

I came home.

However the pesky critters at ICS insist on you doing an ‘Action at Home’ project to ensure that volunteers have become or are at least trying to become an ‘active global citizen’ aka someone who is not just aware of global and local problems but is also trying to combat and prevent them while spreading the word.

I reckoned I could just head on back to my old workplace, a primary school as luck would have it, and tell the children about Nigeria. They would see pictures, listen to some music, maybe I’d take some of the fabrics I’d bought out there along with me. I’d have a catch up in the staff room then head home. Job done.

But then, I started to notice things. It was culture shock. Reverse culture shock.

At first when people asked me whether I had settled back into life in Britain OK I replied with a ‘Yes of course, why wouldn’t I have?”. I love Britain, I love the rain, I love the endless moaning and sarcasm AND we have Dairy Milk sold country-wide, what’s not to love?

But now there was something else I noticed – the consumption. The sheer volume and pace at which we consume things. Anything. Gadgets, food, fuel…(Please stay with me, I’m not going to get all preachy on you, I swear).

In rural Nigeria I used a bucket of water a day to wash my entire body.

Here, our bath uses at least 15 buckets.

In rural Nigeria I charged my phone every 2-3 days.

Here, I charge it at least once a day.

In rural Nigeria I ate what was on offer.

Here, if I fancy some Ben & Jerrys I pop in the car and buy some from the supermarket.

And so I decided enough was enough. I did feel strongly about this problem with waste and consumption that we have in Britain, (not to mention elsewhere). With the ‘Action at Home’ project still looming over me I thought I may as well do a project on it.

Hence this blog.

I find that although many people can, and do, dramatically reduce their carbon footprint in a relatively short amount of time, most people feel they do not have the time.

Which is why this blog will document the tiny changes I am making to my lifestyle that will hopefully have a big impact on reducing my carbon footprint. Hence the name of the blog, tiny big…

I plan to document these changes with photos, stories and the odd groovy link or two. Maybe even test out my interview skills…

Some of you will never read this blog again, some of you will check it when it pops up on your newsfeed and some of you will be avid readers and dedicated fans (thank you Mother).

For me, I would like to ‘do my bit’ for this old planet we call home and hopefully pass on some ideas on how you can make tiny changes to your life that will have a big impact on our planet Earth.


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